Welcome to the Analytics Registry

Why Registering on The Analytics Registry Platform is of Great Benefit to You and Worth an Investment of Your Time.....

You may be put off by the fact that you have to do more work than just uploading your resume as is the case with the various job boards and Applicant Tracking Systems but a little more time spent on completing your profile and providing details that are not on your resume will ultimately save you a great deal of time and frustration.

Whether you are an active job seeker or are just interested to learn about opportunities that could be of interest to you, you will not be bothered by emails or phone calls that do not match your particular requirements (kind of position, compensation, location etc.) or are not a good fit for your particular background and experience.

By completing the in-depth profile allows us to match you to an ideal positon which could be of interest to you and for which you are eminently qualified for. No more throwing jobs at the wall and hoping against hope that something sticks. If you do not complete the profile information as to your experience and proficiency levels in the various skills associated with your job, we will not be able to match you or keep you apprised of positions you could be interested in.

Additionally we value your privacy and your information is not shared with anyone without your expressed permission.

We have the experience to know what works for our candidates and our clients alike having been in search/recruiting for over 20 years, garnering the respect of hiring managers and candidates alike.

Having worked for innumerable companies and analytics professionals over the years, we have launched The Analytics Registry to focus and specialize in helping analytics professionals such as yourself connect with the best positions and companies to fulfill and advance your career.

We look forward to working with you and assisting you in every way. So, without further delay, time to get started.....

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